Where do I park?

Trinity is located in the city of Lockport, at the corner of Saxton and LaGrange streets.  We have a small parking lot behind the church, on the LaGrange Street side, but much of our parking is simply on Saxton Street.  In fact, on Sunday mornings the city makes Saxton Street one-way (the downhill way) so that we can park on both sides of the street without blocking traffic.

What do people wear?

Once upon a time everybody dressed up for church.  Now, people wear anything from jeans and sweatshirts to suits and dresses.  Just remember to respect God’s house by wearing clothing that is modest.

What’s the worship service like?

Once upon a time church music was old music played on the organ.  Now, it’s a mix of old and new – but still mostly played on the organ, with occasional violin, guitars or keyboard.  Sometimes our choir sings parts of the service, but our worship is “folk” music in the sense that the singing is done by us “just plain folks.”

Lutheran worship most often follows a pattern called the Liturgy.  This is a planned program of singing, speaking, Bible reading, preaching, Holy Communion and sometimes Holy Baptism.  Every worshipper gets a bulletin with the order of service in it.

We use the Lutheran Service Book, published by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod in 2006.  The worship services in it are called Divine Services because God serves us with forgiveness through His Word and Sacraments.  Our role is to make a thankful reply to His grace.

What about children?

Worship is a place where all generations meet, so children are always welcome in worship.  We can tolerate a little noise and you may bring snacks for them.  We have books, crayons and drawing paper if you would like them.  If they need a break there is a nursery room down the hall, furnished with a changing table, toys and a child-sized bathroom.  There’s even a speaker in the nursery so that you won’t miss any of the service.

When will I be able to participate in Holy Communion?

We ask visitors to wait until they’ve received full instruction in the Lutheran catechism before they participate in Holy Communion. This practice of Missouri Synod churches is called closed communion.  Please ask Pastor Bauch how you can get started with instruction classes.

Why do we do this?

  • Jesus tells us that Holy Communion is not just a symbolic act.  He gives us His real body and blood for the forgiveness of our sins.  St. Paul writes that we need to examine ourselves in preparation for the Sacrament (I Corinthians 11:27-29).
  • God’s Word also says that our fellowship in the Lord’s Supper is a unified confession of the Christian faith (I Corinthians 10:16-18).  We need to explain to you what we believe before you can say "I agree."  The differences between church teachings are big enough that we aren’t all in one close fellowship.