June 2018

Neighborhoods have ways of linking people together.  Over the years they develop a history with one another.  Living under one government, neighbors share councilmen and school districts.  Economically, neighbors often have similar incomes and home values.  Socially, they develop friendships and their children play together.  They all share in the benefits and the problems of their location. 

Trinity Lutheran Church is a part of the history of the Harvey/Saxton/LaGrange/Genesee neighborhood.  This is where our Father’s house has been located for the last 125 years – longer, I’m sure, than any other family has continuously lived here.  Some of us actually resided on these streets in years past.

Now, we come back to the neighborhood on Sundays and park on its streets for a while.  We worship here together and then go home to our own neighborhoods.  But we still belong to the character of this neighborhood.  And, as good neighbors, we need to know how the families around us are doing.

So, on June 27th (5:00 PM) we’ll be celebrating two anniversaries: our founding in 1871 and our arrival in this neighborhood in 1893.  We’ll mark these anniversaries with our neighbors by inviting them to a pulled-pork dinner in our parking lot (if the sun shines) or in our gym (if the rain pours).  So, dress casually, but look sharp!  Company’s coming.

Here’s the short story:

It was 147 years ago that a small group of German-speaking Lutherans rented a room on Buffalo Street and arranged for  Pastor J.W. Weinbach to come from Bergholz to preach to them.  June 15, 1871 is considered to be the real beginning of our congregation.

Our congregation didn’t grow by leaps and bounds at first but, by 1885 we were worshipping in our own church building at the corner of Walnut and Washburn streets.  Thanks be to God, this little wooden church building was quickly outgrown.  So, property was purchased at the corner of Saxton and LaGrange; our present stone church was built; and the little wooden church was hauled across town by horses and set down next to the church to serve as the school building.

That was in October of 1893 – one hundred twenty five years ago.  Whatever the neighbors thought of us, we were here to stay!

Twice in recent years we’ve been blessed to have good enough weather to celebrate with our neighbors outside.  Pray that we’re blessed again with good weather, good food and good fellowship with our neighbors, for whom Christ prayed that we would be one, just as He and His Father are one.

In the joy of our unity in Christ,

Pastor Bauch